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What will you do during this beautiful weather?

Hello Campers!!!  The weather is fantastic and many of you may be thinking of spending the weekend Camping!!  Here at The Secret Housewife, we love a spot of camping.  The thrill of setting off with the car overloaded with tents and sleeping bags…  But what about when you come home??? All the stuff everywhere… pots and pans, dirty socks galore, cleaning the tent and not to mention the wet towels and bedding!!!  Don’t hesitate, call us today so we can ease the stress, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your weekend with Mother Nature!!


Whether its glamping, touring or rocking up with your 2 man tent, The Telegraph have put together a list of the top 20 camp sites in the UK near the Sea! One of the locations is right here in Dorset near Corfe Castle so why wait?  Load up the car today!


At The Secret Housewife we have put together our top 10 favourite things we love to do whilst camping!!!


  1. Cleaning the tent…only kidding!  We love to take a fully stocked camping fridge full of goodies to cook up on the Barbie and some relaxing drinks to help sooth after the stress of pitching up!
  2. Toasting Marshmallows on the camp fire whilst having a soothing drink!
  3. Visiting the local pub for some local food and a soothing drink!
  4. Visiting local attractions.  Phil loves nothing more fun than careering down the waterslides for the day then back to the campsite for a soothing drink!
  5. Long, meandering walks, taking in the views across the seaside and countryside, maybe stopping off at the local pub along the way…
  6. Michelle loves being at one with Nature… listening to the gentle sounds of crickets humming, the rustle of spiders in the sleeping bag, the gentle breeze sweeping though the tent at midnight and of course, lots of soothing drinks!
  7. Nicky loves nothing more than awakening at the break of dawn, stepping out onto the dew and brushing her teeth in the shower block next to total strangers, followed by a morning soothing drink.
  8. Lisa (the planner amongst us) loves an itinerary for the week, carefully planned activities such as extra visits to the local pub for a soothing Drink..
  9. Lawrence enjoys nothing more than songs around the camp fire, he loves to lead the way with “Ging Gang Goolie”  and maybe a soothing drink to keep his voice going into the night.
  10. Dave the IT man thoroughly enjoys celebrating a good catch at the local lake and cooking it up on the BBQ with a celebratory soothing drink!


But of course the main focus of the team is always keeping the tent spick and span!!



Have a lovely weekend all!



The Secret Housewife

Tune of the week…

The song of the week is all about nature and Summertime and perfect to relax to with a soothing drink!

It’s Summertime by Norah Jones…


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