Keeping your home shiny whilst the sun shines…

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Shine in the sun…

As the temperatures soar us brits can so easy be caught out by the sun as we are simply not used to such heat! Many of us may have forgotten to apply enough sun cream, forgotten hats for bald patches and not packed enough water to keep us hydrated! But what about the kitchen???? With the sun shining brightly who wants to spend extra time mopping up crumbs!! However, the dangers of leaving food debris left to fester in the heat can be monumental!!

Ants, Flies, bugs, bees and all sorts of creepy crawlies love it when we let our bins overflow, juice spills on the worktops and the cat food is left out to fester all day! They can’t wait to get in through your open window and start spreading germs or worse… laying eggs and multiplying!

Here at The Secret Housewife we of course would love the opportunity to pop along and help you with your daily household chores, however in the meantime whilst your dialling our number… here are a few top tips to keep your kitchen clean and bug free!


KEEP bins clean and empty them regularly. Before binning food waste, use small bags to empty leftovers into and seal to reduce smells. Avoid putting sharp objects into the bin as this could pierce the liner allowing food spillage. Always tie securely before placing in the outside bin.

NEVER leave food out on kitchen work tops uncovered. As much as possible place food in cupboards, in storage containers or in the fridge as recommended.

THE Food Standards Agency recommends keeping your fridge under 5 Degrees Celsius. Therefore, in this hot weather its best to keep a check on your fridge thermometer!

WIPE clean chopping boards, worktops, handles and storage areas using a good antibacterial spray using a clean cloth or antibacterial wipes.

USE hot soapy water to wash up and wash hands with hot soapy water before handling food.

KEEP the floor clean of crumbs by sweeping hoovering and mopping regularly.



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Tune of the week…

This week’s ‘Tune of the Week’ is of course Take That ‘Shine’ we love to sing along to it whilst making your home SHINE!!!




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