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This week sees the launch of our sister company, Banks Property Services’ new ‘Present to Sell’ Service. We have been working with Developers and Estate agents to help put together the perfect package of services for all types of vendor.

Whether you are a developer promoting new homes or a private owner planning to sell, the perfect presentation and ambiance of a property can be the number one contributing factor to a successful sale.

The Banks ‘Present to Sell’ service is the complete home care maintenance package, ensuring the estate is perfectly presented and displayed to reflect the quality and lifestyle anticipated of the home.

Choose from a wide range of Banks services. We will provide a designated property manager to design and manage a customised plan unique to your property:

  • Security checks for empty properties.
  • Gardens and Grounds maintenance and management
  • Housekeeping – provided by sister company ‘The Secret Housewife’
  • Window Cleaning, Interior and exterior
  • Heating and Air Conditioning management
  • Swimming Pool and Hot Tub routine checks and maintenance
  • Pre-viewing presentation check service
  • Interior Design
  • Redecoration/landscaping services.

We love to make homes look their absolute best and with our dedicated Secret Housekeepers we can ensure your home looks perfect for viewings. Let us take away the stress of selling your home with some of our most popular solutions:

  • Access to all ‘Finishing Touch’ services
  • The Secret Housewife – ad hoc freshen up
  • Flower Arrangements and Shopping
  • De-cluttering Service
  • Pre- viewing presentation checks

If you would like us to come and take a look at your home and see how we can help or for more information on this exciting new service give Nicky a call on 01202 497778


The Secret Housewife

Tune of the week…


This week’s ‘Tune of the Week’ is none other than Madness – ‘Our House’. We have had fun gigging around the office to this absolute classic!!






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